Liz B

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I always wanted to be a gym-goer, but had no idea what to do once I got there. So, after a few poorly guided and failed attempts at getting fit, instead I started training with Cassie.

The best bit is having a trainer who is real, who understands when the soreness from the previous day’s workout trumps my motivation to hit it again, and that I’m not going to give up my weekend eating and drinking routine easily. At the same time, Cass won’t cop my excuses. She pushes me to achieve realistic goals and become stronger than I thought I could ever be.

I knew working out was good for you, but I can’t believe how much working with a sensitive and motivating trainer has helped with my anxiety issues. I just feel better. Sleeping better and overall feeling good is a great benefit, but most satisfying is the newfound muscle definition I can brag about. These days I can actually lift the weights I used to shy away from.

After training with Cassie I feel strong, I’m lifting more than I imagined – and my motivation’s not going anywhere.