Jenni R

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Cassie got my body from sloppy to toned. Training with her was the first time I’d been in a gym since I let my two-year membership expire with a visit rate of 1.3 per cent. Using her skills and expertise, Cass educated me about my body and lifestyle through a program that was tailored to suit my insane life and internet posture.

I discovered my core for the first time in 30 years, learned how to push a sled like nobody’s business and many people commented on my new-found excitement for mornings. Cass implanted some kind of chip in me and I began to put down the wine and pick up the ropes.

Let’s be honest, spin class still gives me hyper-colour nightmares, but I no longer have a secret stash of cheese fat hanging around my middle. Thanks for the good, punishing times, Cass. I highly recommend her to all my favourite people.