My new favourite Sunday sesh

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If you’re anything like me, you regularly put off weekday workouts when you’re under the pump at work, with every intention of getting them in on the weekend when you have more time.

Then when it actually comes to the weekend, well . . .

If that sounds familiar, you might want to give this a crack. It’s my new favourite session when I want to get in and out of the gym quickly, so I can get about my weekend.

You’ll be in and out in about 30 minutes with a killer workout under your belt.

Don’t do this with a hangover. Take it from someone with inside information on that.

Part A.

10 x 30-second FAST treadmill sprints, then 15 FAST medicine-ball slams, every minute on the minute. Your rest is any spare seconds you have before the next minute starts.

Rest for 2-3 minutes.

Part B.

Sled smashing of doom . . .

B1) 1 full sled lap (up and back)
B2) 5 barbell thrusters
B3) 3 burpees
B4) 5 barbell thrusters
B5) 1 full sled lap

Do all exercises consecutively without rest.

Now rest for two minutes.

Repeat twice more.

Good luck!