It’s time to celebrate your wins

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Not bad

I got the sense that a lot of people (myself included) were pretty keen for the death knell to sound on last year.

I don’t know about you, but it was a whopper of a year for me. I was dragging my battered booty across the finish line on December 31st.

A lot went on in my world last year – some of it great, some of it a bit crap, to be honest. Does that sound familiar?

But a new year brings lots inspiration and possibilities! I’ve been busy making plans and setting goals for 2015. As my clients know, having really specific, meaningful and measurable goals are absolutely key to making stuff happen – not just in the gym, but all areas of life. They’re what will get us through when motivation is low, and keep us on the straight and narrow when being a grown-up gets really hard.

But the other day I actually thought back to all the cool stuff I’ve already achieved. It’s silly, but I don’t do that a whole lot – and I reckon I’m not alone here. How often do you take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve accomplished?

We’re always busy looking forward, making plans, not allowing ourselves to look back, just in case we start to dwell on missed opportunities or get stuck in the past. That’s all pretty valid, but it also means the goals we’ve hit go uncelebrated, because we’ve already started working towards the next big thing. Yesterday’s huge goal becomes, well, yesterday.

So here’s what I’d like you to do . . .

Pour yourself a savvy blanc or crack open a bottle of whatever overpriced hipster microbrew you’re into right now, sit on the couch and take 10 minutes to reflect on everything you did in 2014 that you’re proud of. 

Now record it. Create a little ‘wins’ board, write a list, do an interpretive dance – whatever works for you – then stick it somewhere prominent. (Mine’s on the fridge. Because, glutton.)

When you give yourself time to do this, I bet there’ll be things in there you’d forgotten about, or didn’t originally give much significance to.

It’s true, most of the time we don’t want to spend our time looking backwards, but I argue this is one occasion where we definitely should. Hopefully you’ll see that although you’re on a mission to be awesome, you already are!

So here are the three biggest things I’m proud of last year.

1. Finally, finally understanding the importance of doing nothing. Sometimes sitting still is the only way you’re gonna move forward.

2. Letting go of the ‘safe’ things in my business and choosing to do the things that scare the heck out of me. I know that’s the stuff that’ll get me where I want to go.

3. Nailing a sidecrow split (it’s a yoga thing), after battling a dodgy shoulder for ages.

So that’s me. I’d love for you to hit me back with what you come up with.