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Swag School redefines sexy.

I'm building an army of women who’ve chosen to get their swagger back by lifting heavy things, feeding themselves well and moving with grace.

If you’re looking for a 12-week bikini body program, I am not the trainer for you.

My ladies lose fat, get strong and become absolute bosses by keeping it real. Sometimes, keeping it real means enjoying wine and eating all the cheese.

Swag School ladies want to be fit, strong, powerful and empowered in a way that is unique to them. They understand that having swagger isn’t about getting a beach body – it’s a way of life.

To train properly, get strong safely and make permanent exercise, nutrition and mindset changes, it takes smart programming tailored to your body, plus commitment and hard work (and fun!).

Sure, we train hard, but we also train smart. That means listening to our body and giving it what it needs. Sometimes that's a solid weight-training session. Sometimes it's a gentle walk. And sometimes it's a nap.

We do the hard physical work, but, just as important, we do the hard mental work – calling ourselves out on tired stories and excuses, in a loving and supportive way.

You’ll need to be prepared to hear some truth bombs, get outside your comfort zone, and start questioning years of unhelpful patterns that have sneakily sabotaged all your previous fitness endeavours.

We're real women. Women who have lives and kids and jobs and stress – and zero time for a f*cking acai bowl.

Swag School ladies kick butt in the gym and kitchen, plus smash their fitness, fat loss and strength goals, while still living fabulous lives.

I want this for you, too.

Swag School operates exclusively from Fitness First Platinum on George Street, Sydney.

I offer personal training and small group training.

However, places are tight. If you’re serious about investing in yourself and joining us, please email me through the contact form on the main page with a bit about yourself.

I get that not everyone can work with a personal trainer, which is why I created

It's the exact method I use to help women become strong and empowered through strength training, creating a healthy relationship with food, meditation and becoming the masters of their own fabulous bodies.

We don’t just accept everyone

This ain’t no mass-produced, cookie cutter 12-week program. You’re a unique lady and that’s exactly the kind of training you'll be doing.

Spaces are strictly limited. Because every program is highly individualised and I work with you directly, I accept few people at a time. You don't need to have any previous training experience, but you do need to really want this.

So, if you’re ready to get your swagger back and live like an absolute boss, here’s how it works . . . curriculum

Skype consult + functional movement assessment
This is one of the key differences between and most other online programs. Over Skype, I personally assess how you move with a posture and mobility assessment.

Tailored programming, changed every 4-6 weeks
All programs have a full video library of demonstrations via the free app Trainerize. So you’ll know exactly how to perform each exercise. Think of me as a PT in your pocket!

Weekly email check-in and accountability
Trainerize allows me to track everything you’re doing. So if you’re skipping sessions then I’ll know about it . . .

Using my goal-setting formula, you’re going to set specific and meaningful goals. This ultra-clear vision is going to fire you up and keep you motivated when shit hits the fan, you’re tired, stressed, busy, or just can’t be bothered.

Nutrition guidance
You’ll get a copy of my recipe book, Feed Yo’Self Well, which is packed with easy and tasty meals that even the crappiest, most time-poor cook can master. You’ll also learn the art of meal prep, which is the most important aspect of eating well.

Ready to go full swag?

To learn more about, just enter your details below and I’ll shoot you the full curriculum, school fees and entry requirements.

Training with Cassie has been a great experience. What I like most about Cassie is her ability to “keep it real”. She won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She focuses on your needs and tailors your program accordingly.


I have been training with Cassie for over a year now. She is absolutely amazing! I would never believe that I could get so strong. She hasn’t just transformed my body but my mind, too. I feel strong, confident and happy. I can’t thank her enough.


Cassie is a professional, supportive, knowledgeable and flexible trainer. I started seeing her to help me recover from foot and leg injuries that had stopped me getting out and exercising. I have continued so I can keep getting stronger – and because she’s really fun to work with! I look forward to our workouts and chats every week (not the HIIT parts though . . .) The workouts are interesting and updated regularly, and I particularly like that she gives me the tools to workout in my own time, too. She has a realistic attitude towards exercise and lifestyle, and has shown me the value of strength-training in my exercise routine.


Cassie is not only a great trainer but also an amazing human being. She has an infinite knowledge of how the body works and tailors programs to work best for you and what you like to do. Cassie is great at pushing you out of your comfort zone (sometimes without you even noticing) and getting results. Her dedication to the outcome you’re aiming for and ability to keep you on track for your goals makes her a stand-out among PTs in Sydney. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Cassie is amazing at all things when it comes to fitness. Not only is she a fantastic personal trainer and yoga instructor,  she is one of the best health and fitness writers I’ve ever read. Her writing style really resonates with the reader and makes you feel as if she’s speaking directly to you.

On a personal note, I’ve been training with Cassie for about a year-and-a-half. I’ve had some highs and lows due to injuries, but Cassie has never given up on me. She is very caring and accommodating, and when given a challenge, will rise to it straight away.

The biggest improvement in my fitness levels since working with Cassie has been with my core strength. For the first time in eight years, I haven’t had any back pain after training!


The change in my body shape has been amazing. Cassie has encouraged me to push my limits and try new things. For the first time in my life I’m training with weights and feeling empowered.

I think what I enjoy most about training with Cassie is that she’s realistic. She doesn’t expect me to eat perfectly healthily all the time or knock off the wine. She encourages balance and fun. I cannot imagine life without Cass now.